Performed with:

Blue Man Group - Lou Reed - Sigur Ros - Ray Davies (The Kinks) - Patti Smith - Phillip Glass - Terry Riley - Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) - Johnny Depp - Hal Wilner - Debbie Harry (Blondie) - Lady Gaga - David Amram - Amanda Palmer - John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) - Giulio Tampalini -  Anthony McGill - Zakir Hussain - Youn Sun Nah - Merce Cunningham Dance Company - Janis Brenner Dance Company - Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle/Fantomas/John Zorn) - Marc Ribot (Tom Waits/Robert Plant) -Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks) - Gato Loco - Numbers & Letters - Gary Lucas (Tim Buckley/Captain Beefheart) - James Apollo - Joseph Woullard (Black Joe Lewis/Antabales) - Dr. Jacquelyn Adams - Tin Pan - Marcus Rojas - Korean National Symphony - Richburg Symphony Orchestra - Nona Hendryx - Jamie Saft (Beastie Boys/John Zorn) - Niobe (Mouse on Mars) - Joe McPhee - Pape Armand Boye - Billy Hart (Miles Davis/James Brown/Herbie Hancock) - Kenny Wolleson (Tom Waits/Norah Jones) - Michael Blake (Lounge Lizards) - Michael Michael Friedmann - MC Hammer

Festival Appearances:

Montreal Jazz Festival - Nice Jazz Festival - Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival - Pusan Shakespeare Festival (Korea) - San Fransisco Jazz Festival - Ottawa Jazz Festival - Chicago Calling Festival - Tibetan Freedom Concert & Festival (Carnegie Hall) - New York Guitar Festival - New York Renegade Guitar Festival - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival - Hub Fest (Mississippi) - Chicago Jazz Festival - Fillipino Rock Festival (New Jersey) - Banlieus Blues Festival (Paris) - Festival Haute de Garrone (Bordeaux, France) - Unterfahrt Festispiel (Munich, Germany) - Milano Teatro Fest (Milan, Italy) - Biannale Festival (Venice, Italy) - Turin Nuevo Musica Fest (Torino, Italy) - Mozart Festispiel (Salzburg, Vienna) - Microclima (Veneto, Italy) - Freiburg Jazztage (Frieburg, Germany) - Stanser Musiktage (Stans, Switzerland) - Gottengen Musiktage (Gottengen, Germany) - World Institute for Music and Dance (Rotterdam, Netherlands) - Bimhuis Fest (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Le Dynamo (Paris, France) - B.A.M. Brooklyn Next (NYC) - ARS Nova A.N.T. Fest (NYC) - Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland) - Edinburgh Theater Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland) - Kennedy Center Festival for the Performing Arts (Washington DC) - Philadelphia Italian Music Festival - Busan Bipaf Festival (Busan, South Korea)


"School of Rock"
"Jesus Christ Superstar"
“Guys & Dolls”
“Blue Man Group: Tubes Rewired”
“Blue Man Group: 3.0”
“City of Angels”
“Return to the Forbidden Planet”
“Blood Brothers”
“The Who’s Tommy”
“The Three Penny Opera”
“Little Shop of Horrors”
“Children of Eden”
“On the Town”
“Les Miserables”

Artist in Residence/Lectures:

World Peace Initiative (Stavangar, Norway) - Baltimore Theater Project (Baltimore, Maryland) - University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada) - University of Arkansas - Canadian National French Horn Society - Festival des Hauts Garrone (Bordeaux, France) -Roulette (NYC) - Ketchikan Arts Society (Ketchikan, Alaska) - Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, Michigan) - Bowery Poetry Club (NYC) - Pete’s Candy Store (NYC) - The Living Room (NYC)


"The Hollow" (Feature Film) - "Demons" (Feature Film) - "Two Birds" (Short Film) - "Light and Shadow" (Short Film) - “For Real” (Feature Film) - “Dark Was the Night” (Feature Film) - “Street Song” (Short Film) - “Sun Dogs” (Feature Film) - “Storm in Vermont” (CNN Animated Short Documentary) 


"The Docks of New York" (1928) - "Cat and the Canary" (1927) - "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (1928) - "Chicago" (1927) - "The Phantom of the Opera" (1925) - "Metropolis" (1927) - "Requiem for a Vampire" (1973) - "Tron" (1982) - "Heavy Metal" (1981) - "Battle Royale" (2000) -                     "Dark Star" (1974) - "Quest for Fire" (1981)



“Purple Mice Raining” (WPI; NORWAY) - “Fear/Fun” (Lou Rizzolo/Western Michigan University) - “New Forms & Sounds” (Alain Kirilli, sculpter/Paris) - “Note Parallel” (Teatro Massabo/Milano-Brescia, Italy) - “Hamlet” (Busan-Bipaf/SOUTH KOREA) - “Mumbo” (Baltimore Theater/House of Yes) - “Contents May Have Shifted” (Janis Brenner Dance Co./NYC) - “Untitled” (Merce Cunningham Dance Co/NYC) - “WAVE” (Diana Wilson, artist/CHICAGO) - “The Republic or My Dinner With Socrates” (LaMaMa Theater, NYC) - “The History of Queen Esther” (Czech/American Marionette Co./NYC) - “Charlotte Sometimes” (The Box/NYC) - “Tin Pan” (Sleep No More/NYC) - "The Wonderneath" (House of Yes/NYC)