Clifton Hyde
Clifton Hyde
Guitarist + Composer + Director



From the whisky soaked juke joints of his native Mississippi to the jungles of South Korea, classic opera houses of Europe, hallowed stages of New York's Carnegie Hall, London's Royal Albert Hall to the ancient Roman amphitheaters of the Mediterranean and all places in-between, Clifton Hyde has electrified audiences and stunned critics with his mastery of styles, multitude of instruments, and stunning stage-craft.

At age thirteen Clifton began playing professionally and quickly became known as the "first-call" session guitarist in the South Mississippi area for recordings and Broadway pit work taking him across the United States and Canada before landing in New York City.

A former member of the Blue Man Group, Clifton has recorded and performed alongside such notable acts such as Lou Reed, Sigur Rós, Lady Gaga, Phillip Glass, Debbie Harry, Zakir Hussain, Amanda Palmer, & most recently rocked European and Asian audiences. He has performed in the pit for numerous Broadway/off Broadway shows such as School of RockJesus Christ Superstar,Guys and DollsHairCity of AngelsReturn to the Forbidden PlanetBlood BrothersThe Who's Tommy,The Three Penny OperaLittle Shop of Horrors,Children of Eden, and many regional and touring companies.  He is currently conduct & music director of the South Eastern Civic Light Opera's Spring 2018 production of Evita.  Clifton is equally at home working with the likes of symphony orchestras, brutal heavy metal bands, hip-hop, and vintage cabaret acts. His diverse talents have also led him to compose for films, TV commercials,  collaborate with the French artist Alain Kirili, and the paintings of artist Lou Rizzolo for the World Peace Art Initiative in Stavanger, Norway. 


Clifton has been busy composing the orchestral scores for the feature films The Hollow,  Light and Shadow,  Two Birds, & Demons.  He is currently working on scores for the upcoming gangster film Handsome & lesbian horror extravaganza Hallowed Ground.

During his travels to Italy, Clifton fell in love with the Viola da Gamba which he is currently not learning to play but contemplating opening the case again soon! 

Upon his journey through life Clifton fell in love with the world of Alex Trebek's "Potent Potables" and miraculously found himself  a Level Three Sommelier.  He has made his late grandfather proud by becoming the family's first "Official Drunkard".




 "Clifton Hyde clawed out several electrifying guitar solos that surprised us all and showed a musical sensitivity worthy of the best goldsmiths of the guitar on No Other Name by Peter, Paul & Mary, interpreted in duet." - Frederic Goaty, Muziq France, 5-2017

"'Drifting,' which started off as a ballad yet imperceptibly the song started taking off. Guitarist Clifton Hyde, whose dizzying résumé includes playing with Michael Stipe, Patti Smith, classical ensembles and The Blue Man Group, picked up the Hendrix riffs and “Drifting” began spiraling upward, abandoning singing in favor of artful screeching…amazing"  -Jeff Spevak, USA Today 7-2017

"…with an American band as fundamentally tight as this, complete freedom and the ditching of all pulses and bar-lines can seem like a self-indulgence but here it was a very strong moment; it seemed to draw the audience in to the narrative…Mississippi raised Clifton Hyde on guitar is an astonishingly versatile player.
The audience absolutely loved the show, and showed it…the audience was up on its feet after the first 'last' song…It then was left to Clifton Hyde to give the audience their last, quiet goodnight, a gentle duet with Youn on a song by Paul Stookey of Peter Paul and Mary entitled No Other Name. It  was the perfect closer…"  - London Jazz News 2017

"Clifton Hyde's live score is the highlight of the show..."
   The New York Times

 "...with Clifton Hyde's steel guitar wafting by like a distant freight train you know this is turning into a great album."
    No Alternative Magazine

 “A strong, bluesy sound full of heart. We all feel it.
    The New York Times

 "Clifton Hyde adds a wonderful barrage of bad-ass guitar work..."
     Backstage Magazine




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Clifton loves wine...

Both drinking it and making music with it...




Clifton Hyde